Welcome TechnoAgape

This is my outlet to wrap my convictions around a passion for technology. I am challenging myself and others to use our knowledge in technology for positive change. How can we break free from the daily grind of technology and use it to help others around us.

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I am driven by my convictions and a hunger to learn and solve problems. I am a servant, husband, father, leader, and teacher. I have been in technology since the days of punch cards and tape drives. It started as a hobby on an early TRS-80 and carried me into a lifelong passion and career .  I balance my “nerdist” side with a love of the photography, video, outdoors, motorcycles,  and cars to name a few.  My primary roll is database design, applications programming, and wireless networking design. I have a long history in bar coding and RFID technologies and their use within asset tracking systems (Inventory, Documents, etc..). My primary languages are Visual Basic, C++, and visual C.

Why is my website so bad? because I am busy serving others (Family, Church, Friends)